We offer various services to you

Melby's Jewelers is a true full service jeweler with repair, appraisal and custom design done in house by our master craftsman. Don't trust your precious family heirlooms to just anyone. Bring them to the jeweler Californians have trusted for over 95 years.


We have the most knowledgeable and experienced appraisers you can find anywhere. We can appraise all kinds of jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, sterling flatware, watches, and much more. If you haven't had your jewelry appraised in the past 5 years, we recommend you have it documented in detail today. Most appraisals are done for the purpose of obtaining insurance coverage in the case of loss, damage or theft. However, our appraisals can be used for many different situations such as; estate tax evaluation, value comparison, casualty loss, dissolution of marriage (divorce), collateral and barter purposes.                                                                                    

Manufacturing/Custom Design

Do you have your own idea for jewelry? We can do start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style. We'll help you put your ideas on paper, and our craftsmen can create the piece of your dreams in the metal of your choice.

  • Start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style

  • One-of-a-kind creations you will cherish for years to come

  • We can create anything - no piece is too difficult

  • We can use gemstones that you already have

  • We can turn that old, unworn piece of jewelry into something fresh and exciting

Insurance Replacement Assistance

Let us assist you in your time of need. We specialize in helping find replacement jewelry when you experience a loss. Our access to a diverse and deep selection of manufacturers enable us to find the exact piece you are looking to replace.

  • Identification of jewelry of equal kind, quality and value as the original

  • Large inventory selections in our showroom

  • We bill all insurance companies

Silver Refinishing

We can fix broken serving pieces in sterling or silverplate, or even resilver antiques.

Pearl/Bead Stringing

Did you know pearls should be restrung every few years? We can make your necklace or bracelet look like new - graduated or multi strands are no problem for our experts. Don't neglect an pearl heirloom when it is so easy to get it restrung.

Lab Reports

Would you like an independent opinion on your diamond or gemstone? Let us help you choose the correct lab for your report. We'll make sure it gets there safely, and explain the terminology when it comes back.

Jewelry Insurance

GemShield’s insurance is designed to protect against risks specific to jewelry. Most other insurance isn't. Jewelry-specific insurance is more extensive than a warranty and often broader than a homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

GemShield® Personal Jewelry Insurance offers:

  • “All risk” policy that covers loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance/unexplained loss – everything unless it is expressly excluded
  • Repair and replacement coverage
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Wear and tear
  • Coverage for newly purchased jewelry
  • Premiums typically 1-2% of jewelry value

Some homeowner’s/renter’s policies use generic replacement vendors. We send you back to your jeweler...the jeweler you trust. A jewelry claim could impact your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage. By removing jewelry from a homeowner’s or renter’s policy, you protect your insurability and avoid a related increase in premium should a loss occur.

Insuring your jewelry with GemShield® is easy and fast:

  • Get a quote in under a minute using our online quote tool
  • Apply for coverage online in less than 10 minutes
  • Receive approval electronically, quickly and simply
  • Or, call one of our expert agents to learn more, quote or purchase coverage

Laser Inscribing

We can inscribe a name or other identification mark on any diamond, and most gemstones - even pearls! The laser inscription is only visible under magnification but is a great way to identify your own gemstones.

Custom Pieces

Want something totally unique? Melby's Jewelers offers custom and one of a kind pieces, manufactured by our on-site jewelers. You don't have to be a designer to appreciate these amazing Melby's Jewelers pieces. Best of all, you'll only find them at one store in America...Melby's Jewelers

Watch Repair

We are able to fix every brand, regardless of age, and can fix most pocket watches too. If you need a new battery, band, or band adjustment, we can perform most of those duties while you wait.

  • Competitive pricing for preferred selections of all major brands

  • Watch repairs, battery and band replacements (leather, metal and rubber)

  • Quartz tune-ups

  • Mechanical watch repair and servicing

  • Sizing Watch Bracelets

  • Full Service for Mechanical and Quartz Watches (see details below)

Mechanical Watch Full Service - Our full service for mechanical watches consists of the disassembly and overhaul of the movement with an examination of all parts. We replace damaged or worn parts and re-seal water-resistant cases. Each of its parts are placed in special chemical solutions that dissolve dirt, dust, and emulsify any dried out oils. When the watch is reassembled, special oils are applied to lubricate all essential parts. We recommend that a general overhaul be performed every three years and that all water-resistant watches be tested once a year for case tightness. In addition, bracelet watch bands are polished and thoroughly cleaned.

Quartz Watch Full Service - Our quartz watch full service consists of the watch disassembly, the case and bracelet being polished and thoroughly cleaned in the ultrasonic and the battery being replaced. If needed, the gaskets will be replaced then the watch is resealed to factory specifications. We recommend that all water-resistant watches have their water resistance checked every time the battery is changed.